Paul E. Kerson

                  Paul E. Kerson

Some day, I am going to write a book about this…

We’ve all said it. “You can’t make these things up.” We’ve all said that too.

Well, I’ve been writing it down all along – nine books worth – novels, novellas, history, biography, and memoir -  all based on our common experiences practicing law together these past 40 years. Now that I am 65 years old, and I am no longer your President or Editor, it is time. “Some day” has come.

I am a very curious man. I have an inner need to know why everything happened the way it did. “Proximate cause” is not enough for me. The case cannot be solved and justice cannot be done unless we know the root causes of the misconduct that causes the clients to rely on us to make things right.

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Paul’s work includes:

  • The American Testament, an account of the remarkable career of L.Bradford Prince, Chief Justice and Territorial Governor of New Mexico, who began his legal and political career in Flushing, New York.          
  • The Common Origins of Flushing, Ohio and Flushing, New York
    A detective mission, covering hundreds of miles, several centuries, and the archival and oral history of early America, to discover the link between two communities with the same name, but different historical roots.

  • The University on Great Jewry Street
    Oxford, one of the world’s great universities, is built on the site of long-forgotten synagogue, shuttered when Jews were expelled from England in 1290.  Ancient Hebrew texts, however, remain in the collections of the University’s unparalleled Bodleian Libraries revealing a web of connections between centuries-old religious codes, the common law that governs England and the United States today, and the technological and commercial development we now take for granted.

  • Inside the Mind of Magistrate Justin Sheffield
    Drawing on decades of experience as a prosecutor, defense attorney and magistrate, Paul brings readers inside the agonizing deliberations of a fictional judge considering the most difficult of cases– a disputed charge of sexual assault.

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About Attorney/Author Paul Kerson

Paul E. Kerson, with more than 30 years’ experience as a judge, prosecutor, trial attorney and legal negotiator, is one of the most experienced attorneys in metropolitan New York. He has been judged a “SuperLawyer” by his peers, and has won five acquittals for defendants wrongly accused of homicide or attempted homicide. He is known in the profession as a lawyer’s lawyer – the one who other attorneys turn to when they have an especially difficult problem to solve. 

Paul is also an accomplished writer of fiction and non-fiction. A longtime editor of the Queens Bar Bulletin, Paul has mined his long years of courtroom experience as a source for the solution of curious historical mysteries – and thrilling legal and political dramas.

"Paul has been ranked as one of New York's "SuperLawyers" by his peers.  For more information about his legal practice, please visit